Service Delivery Standards

Sindh Service Delivery Standards (SSDS)

First initiative of SHCC was to establish Sindh Service Delivery Standards (SSDS) for hospitals (secondary and tertiary level).

The SSDS for hospitals have been developed by the Sindh Health Care Commission through a consultative process, bringing together healthcare experts, practitioners from medical fraternity and other key stakeholders from Public and Private Health Sectors.

Stipulate a framework to improve quality of care provided in public and private hospitals in a structured manner.

Prescribe the service management and service provision standards for hospitals and are applicable to secondary as well as tertiary care hospitals.

Provide the basis for organizational assessment of the delivery of quality patient care and services, and utilization of available resources.

These standards are applicable to all types of hospitals – public and private, large and small, urban and rural.

Provide a management tool for individual hospitals to identify their strengths, gaps and areas for improvement,

Providing a mechanism for the Government to identify priority areas for overall improvements in the healthcare delivery system.

The SSDS for Hospitals will facilitate the SHCC licensing program for hospitals in Sindh province of Pakistan.

The SSDS will be provided to the hospitals on submission of formal application for the registration. Provisional License will be issued after initial assessment by the SHCC inspection team in regard of implementation of SSDS.

To improve the quality of care at first contact level, SSDS for the Primary Health Care Establishments will also be available very soon.


SDS for Hospitals - v7

Service Delivery Standards for Hospitals V 7.0 | 29-03-2017

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SDS for Clinics & Primary Healthcare Facilities

Service Delivery Standards for Clinics & Primary Healthcare Facilities | 12-05-2018

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