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Complaints provide a valuable source of insight into quality and safety-related problems in healthcare delivery system and can provide important and additional information on how to improve quality and patient safety, as well as reduce negative experiences of healthcare service providers and healthcare establishments. The Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) was established to improve the quality of healthcare by implementation of healthcare service delivery standards in unregulated health system in the province of Sindh.

A complaints system had to be devised at SHCC that patients could recourse to in cases where their physical well-being had been jeopardized due to a lack of adherence to service delivery standards by the healthcare establishments or due to maladministration, malpractice or medical negligence by healthcare service providers. At the same time considering patient safety as an overriding concern, the rights of the patients had to be delineated so that the service providers, in both public and private domains could be held accountable in case of non-compliance with the same.

For these purposes Directorate of Complaints has been constitute to develop and implement Charters imparting rights and responsibilities of both the patients, healthcare service providers and healthcare establishments, and to ensure that that all complaints are managed efficiently and effectively and outcomes delivered are in accordance with the demands of justice and accountability.