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Ans-1: Any person can make a complaint including:

  • Any aggrieved patient/client
  • Next of kin of the patient/client e.g. parent or spouse
  • Any person duly authorized by the patient/client or his next of kin
  • Any aggrieved healthcare service provider
  • Any aggrieved owner/ manager of healthcare establishment/health facility

Ans-2: If you have sufficient reason to believe that you have not been treated properly, or faced malpractices, or your rights as a patient have been violated, you may file a complaint.

The healthcare service providers or healthcare establishment may also file complaints with the Commission regarding harassment caused to them or damage incurred by them.

The Sindh Healthcare Commission is empowered to hear/ entertain the complaints regarding maladministration, malpractice or failure on the part of the healthcare service provider, Healthcare establishment or any of his employees there at.

Ans-3: Being a patient your right, you can complain about any Healthcare Service Provider (HCSP) Healthcare establishment (HCEs) where the treatment was given to you, for example, the hospital, clinic, diagnostic centre, nursing home, maternity home, dental clinic, homoeopathic clinic, Tibb Clinic, acupuncture clinic or a physiotherapy clinic. 


Being a healthcare service provider your right, you can complain about any patient or his/her carers, Healthcare Service Provider (HCSP) or co-worker, management of Healthcare establishment (HCEs) regarding harassment, damage of property or physical violence.

Ans-4: The Commission may not entertain a complaint on any of the following reasons:

  • If a complaint is not submitted on SHCC Complaint form, duly signed with thumb impression.
  • The requisite Affidavit is not submitted by the Complainant
  • The requisite documents are not submitted by the complainant.
  • If the complaint is anonymous or pseudonymous.
  • The complaint is time-barred.
  • The subject matter of the Complaint is pending before any other court of competent jurisdiction.
  • The subject matter of the Complaint does not fall within the purview of the SHCC Act 2013.

Ans-5: No you cannot directly file a complaint to SHCC, if you have complaint, you must first to inform the concerned healthcare establishment in writing. If your complaint is not duly redressed by the concerned healthcare establishment within 30 days, you may file your complaint to the Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC).

Ans-6: You must first to inform the concerned healthcare establishment in writing, if they did not receive your complaint than it should send to them via registered mail and keep the receipt for your record. After that file the complaint to SHCC and mention this in section 2 of complaint form under outcome of complaint.

Ans-8: You can download SHCC complaint form available at SHCC website

, to be filled in by hand or you may lodge your complaint online. The written complaint should be submit it by hand or post it to SHCC with the relevant documents at following address:

Ans-8: You can download SHCC complaint form available at SHCC website

, to be filled in by hand or you may lodge your complaint online. The written complaint should be submit it by hand or post it to SHCC with the relevant documents at following address:

Suite 309, Block 09, Clifton, Karachi.

Every complaint must be supported by an affidavit (it should be duly notarized), your signature and thumb impression.

Ans-9: The relevant information and photocopies of the following documents should be attached with your written complaint:

  • Copy of your Computerized National Identity Card or any other documents depicting you identity.
  • Medical records; if any
  • Receipts; if any
  • Correspondence with the concerned healthcare establishment, healthcare service provider or other authorities, if any; and
  • Other relevant documents in support of the Complaint.

Scanned copies, photocopies and duplicates will be accepted at the time of submission of the complaint, however complainant must present original documents before the investigation team.

Ans-10: A written complaint must include but not limited to;

  1. Who was involved?
  2. What happened and when.
  3. Nature of harm you have experienced as a result of this event.
  4. What is your specific request to Sindh Healthcare Commission?

Ans-11: Registration number/I.D Number is issued to your complaint after it is administered/registered. Directorate of Complaint will assess & review the complaint and decide whether it is maintainable or not. If it is held maintainable, the director complaint assigned an investigation team for investigation of this matter. The investigation team may called the complainant to appear in person for an initial meeting, if deemed necessary. The party complained against is directed to file a written reply and submit all the necessary record in the matter. Evidence of all the concerned parties is recorded and a chance of cross-examination is also provided. In case an expert opinion is required, the Commission presents the complaint before highly qualified and experienced experts, without disclosing their identity. After that investigation team submit the report along with the key recommendations to the board of commissioners for decision. The decision of board will communicate to all concerned in writing for compliance.

Ans-12: The Commission is required to provide your name and nature of your complaint to the healthcare establishment against which a complaint is made. However, when any complaint is pending before the Commission it shall be the duty of all the persons involved to keep the information confidential.

Ans-13: The Commission informs all the parties about the progress of the matter and the copy      of the   final decision is also communicated to them in writing.

Ans-15: The Commission may impose a penalty in the form of a fine, which may be up-to
            Rs. 200,000/= if the complaint is proved to be false. i.e. made to harass; or for        defamation or embarrassment to the other party.

Ans-16: Yes, if deemed necessary you may have to appear in person at any stage. The Commission has the powers to summon any person for hearing and recording of statement/evidence. It may also take assistance to executive authorities and law enforcement agencies in this regard.

Ans-17: Yes, Commission may grant withdraw of your complaint with proper justification/ mentioning the reason by the complainant.