Legal Mandate (M)

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  1. Functions of the Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation

The Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation shall be responsible to assist the Chief Executive Officer in the performance of the following functions.

  • Develop, update and implement the M&E system.
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) for all Directorates of the Commission.
  • Develop, update and put in practice tools and procedures for M&E, data collection, compilation, analysis & reporting.
  • Train the M&E team on use of the tools and procedures.
  • Support the Directorates in development of their annual plan, performance indicators and proper documentation/organization of data. 
  • Compile annual plan of the Commission based on annual plans of all the Directorates by 31st May, for each financial year and present the same to the CEO. 
  • Monitor & evaluate functions of all the Directorates and the inspection teams. 
  • Prepare comprehensive monthly, quarterly and annual reports, on the activities and performance of the Commission, within one month for monthly, within two months for quarterly and annual reports and submit the same to the CEO regularly. 
  • The CEO shall place the reports before the Board for approval and then shall submit a copy of the annual performance report of the Commission together with a copy of the statement of accounts of the Commission certified by the Auditors and the copy of the Auditor’s report to the Govt. and make it available for public as well, within one hundred and twenty days from the end of each financial year, U/S 34(4) of the Act.
  • Identify areas for improvement and suggest measures for the same.