Role of Complaints Management

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The Sindh Healthcare Commission acts as a quasi-judicial body with powers to undertake investigation on complaints for

(a) allegations of mal-administration, mal-practice, or failure on part of any healthcare service provider in the provision of healthcare services

(b) use of any apparatus, appliance, equipment, instrument, product, goods or item; or the carrying out of any practice or procedure in a healthcare establishment is dangerous or detrimental to any person therein or otherwise unsuitable for the purpose for which it is used or carried out

(c) obstruction, hindrance or impedance in the performance of function or execution of duty of inspection/investigation team. Any person who is not satisfied with the services rendered to him at a hospital, diagnostic centre, medical clinics, nursing home, maternity home, dental clinic, homeopathy clinic, Tibb clinic, acupuncture, physiotherapy clinic may make a complaint to the Commission.

The Commission not only safeguards the rights of the patients but also has the power to take cognizance of any case of harassment of a healthcare service provider or damage to any healthcare establishment. The Commission also has powers to issue summons, administer oaths, receive evidence on affidavits and compel production of documents. The Commission is empowered to impose penalties/ fines and direct executive authorities and law enforcement agencies for implementation of its orders and decisions.