Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) Act 2013 was passed by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh on 24th February 2014, and notified on 20th March 2014, extending to the entire Sindh province.

SHCC is an autonomous body corporate and serves to improve the quality of healthcare services and strive to ban quackery in the Province of Sindh in all its forms and manifestations. SHCC Act 2013 applies on all healthcare establishments (HCEs’), public or private hospitals, non-profit organization, charitable hospitals ..................



From Mid 2017 Till 31st May 2023


Under Section 13 of the Sindh Healthcare Commission Act 2013 a healthcare service provider shall not provide healthcare services without being registered under this Act. A person seeking to be registered as a Healthcare Service Provider shall make an application to the Commission by using the prescribed application, such application must be accompanied by such particulars, documents etc. as mentioned therein. Issue certificate of registration within 30days


Complaints provide a valuable source of insight into quality and safety-related problems in healthcare delivery system and can provide important and additional information on how to improve quality and patient safety, as well as reduce negative experiences of healthcare service providers and healthcare establishments. The Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) was established to improve the quality of healthcare by implementation of healthcare service delivery standards in unregulated health system in the province of Sindh.


First initiative of SHCC was to establish Sindh Service Delivery Standards (SSDS) for hospitals (secondary and tertiary level).
The Sindh Service Delivery Standards (SSDS) prescribe the service management and service provision standards for hospitals and are applicable to secondary as well as tertiary care hospitals. It provides the basis for organizational assessment of the delivery of quality patient care and services, and utilization of available resources. The SSDS for Hospitals will facilitate the SHCC licensing program for hospitals in Sindh province of Pakistan.
The SSDS will be provided to the hospitals on submission of formal application for the registration. Provisional License will be issued after initial assessment by the SHCC inspection team in regard of implementation of SSDS.

Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) | Service Delivery Standards


The Directorate of Anti-Quackery under section 08 of SHCC regulations 2017 shall be responsible to.

  • Develop, update implement Anti-Quackery strategies and measures and issue necessary directions.
  • Seal/Close down the premises of the Quack if the report complaint is found to be true.
  • Recommend to impose fine upon the Quack U/S 28 (1) and upon such medical officer under whose board/name the quack was practicing (in accordance with the order passed by the High Court of Sindh in C.P No D-919/2014 on 20.10.2016) which may  extend to five hundred rupees in either case, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case and keeping in view the gravity of the offence, or to proceed for cancellation of registration with the relevant council of the healthcare service provider found to be practicing quackery; provided that the Director Anti-Quackery  shall issue a show-cause notice upon  the defaulter wherein a minimum of fifteen days time, from receipt of the communication, shall be given to the respondent to submit his defense if any and an opportunity of personal hearing shall also be afforded to the respondent.