Monitoring & Evaluation

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Sindh Healthcare Commission has established the Directorate of Monitoring & Evaluation to oversee the functions of the SHCC. Stringent and continuous monitoring enhances to maintain the quality of the work on the set interventions of the Commission.

Measuring progress on the key milestones and the operations of the directorates to enhance the efficiency and commitment toward the common goal which ultimately improves the quality of healthcare for the people of Sindh.        

Monitoring and evaluation is a continuous process exercised through established tools and systems while building capacities for compliance which is an integral part of the M & E strategy. The scope of monitoring and evaluation in the SHCC not only covers the personal assessment but also measures the outcomes and impact of the SHCC over the medium- and long-term goals.

The Directorate monitor and evaluate the functions of both internal and external stakeholders of the SHCC.

  1. Internal:

The directorate M&E will monitor the functions and KPIs of the operational directorates of the SHCC, and keep vigilance on various directorates inspection teams constituted for checking the delivery of healthcare services provided.

  1. External:

The directorate (M&E) will develop KPIs and other monitoring tools to keep vigilance on the delivery of healthcare services by private HCEs.